Truly Thankful

Louisiana took a hard hit this past weekend from Hurricane Ida. Our prayers are with the coastal cities and parishes who took the hardest hit. Though the road to recovery will be long and stressful we made it through a catastrophic category 4 Hurricane. on the 16th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina many were praying for the worst and hoping for the best. With almost a million people without power we are thankful for life. Material things can always be replaced however our lives are precious and should not be taken for granted.

If you have the ability to help a neighbor or loved one please do it. This is a time for us to stick together and be there to help one another. I know we still have a lot of people without power and can’t cook anything. In whatever what you can offer your help I know it will be much needed and appreciate. We will get through this as we have before.

Use this time to journa, plan out your budget and bills so you know what you will need to do once things get back to normal. Create a plan, whether it’s for your children and home or business. Make sure you stay hydrated most importantly, drink plenty of water and gatorades so you won’t dehydrate. Lastly remember COVID is still here practice social distance and wear your masks.

Finally, remember we will get through this and continue praying for one another…

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