Hurt People…Hurt People!

We are all familiar with the saying “hurt people, hurt people”. Just because someone is hurting does that give them the right to hurt someone else? In most cases the person that is in pain will release their anger towards an innocent person instead of the individual or reason who initially caused their pain. Although many times we may not admit it we can be the cause our own pain.

Whenever you experience a traumatic event in your life your mental health will be affected. A traumatic experience can be death, mental and or physical abuse to name a few. Each one of these experiences will cause you to feel pain, anxiety and stress that can lead to depression. Each person will have their own personal experience and will deal with their feelings differently. We have to remain mindful of how we treat other people when we are not feeling our best. Unintended pain can cause someone to have a lifetime of trauma.

There are three important options for you that can successfully help you deal with your pain.

  1. Seek God through prayer and worship remaining consistent.

  2. Attend a support group or seek a peer mentoring program so that you can you gain the support you need from other individuals who have been through the same or similar situations like yourself.

  3. If you are comfortable seek professional help from a licensed counselor or psychiatrist.

The ultimate goal is to keep pushing. Push through your hurt, pain, frustration, confusion, and the unknown. Many days we won’t know what we are doing or where we are going in life and that is okay. Trust God and trust yourself most importantly. Know that you are capable of getting through any situation that comes your way. We have all been through a lot, we have had enough pain inflicted upon us to last a lifetime. It is time to break the cycle, end the generational curses and evolve!

Let us rise each day knowing we are conquering queens and kings. Nothing is too hard or impossible for our Heavenly Father. Your acknowledgment and growth will guide you through the days, weeks, months and years to come!

Get Out Of Your Own Way!

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